We know it’s hard to imagine how big of an impact coaching could make on your business. So, we wanted to share what others thought of some of the previous coaching sessions.

“Matt presented at NJVA last night and because of what I learned from his presentation, I actually booked a bride OVER THE PHONE in a matter of a few minutes! Now if only it didn’t take so long to get the contract ready and set up payments and such…but WAIT! Matt told us how to save time doing that as well! Lots of time!! Just from Matt’s presentation at NJVA, I have made back the cost of the seminar and then some with the booking I just got as a result! I have never booked a job over the phone! Always meet with them. This was very cool! Thank you so much Matt” 
Julie Conroy

“Thanks so much for your presentation. Everything you said hit home like crazy. I’m excited to put on a better businessman hat so I can enjoy my family more. I’ve never been good at running a business but with your wisdom I’ve got some great ideas.”
Drew Kenworthy

“Thank you so much for the seminar. I feel that was the best presentation that I attended at WEVA this year. Sales (particularly phone sales) has always been difficult for me and you provided a road map that I can use change that.  Excellent presentation!”
Alan Robinson
BonnieBlink Productions

“My wife and I attended your “How to Sell” session at WEVA couple days ago. VERY helpful, complete, useful information.  I took a ton of notes.  Thank you for sharing what your process is, and how the two of you have made it work.”
Dean (& Katey) Andrews

“Your session was very informative. I took 5 pages of notes. It was the top two sessions I heard at WEVA!
We’re getting a lot of out of state calls. Your session really made sense with trying to make a connection rather than just giving out prices.”
Jeffrey and Tara Haney
Lights in the Attic Creative Media

“I attended your seminar at the WEVA convention and thought it was excellent; definitely one of my highlights from the trip! I’m already planning my sales demo.” 
Tye Olmsted
Trivision Pictures LLC

“You guys were just phenomenal, it was great to get some insight from fellow peers.
Lastly your demo ROCKED! I’m looking forward to updating ours with the feedback you provided. Thanks a million. Looking forward.”

Richard Acosta
Bluepoem Studios

“You put on in my opinion the best seminar of the whole expo. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the knowledge that you have gained from those experiences with your fellow peers.” 
Rick Fasanella

“I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful sales seminar at WEVA this year. As a result, I have completed this new testimonial demo. Again, thank you for being so generous of spirit.”
Laura Palmer
Calico Wedding Videos

“I attended your session and really enjoyed your presentation.  I have been in the video production business for over 15 years in NJ.  Some of your techniques I have used, but brought back some fresh ideas as well.  Thank you again for the new ideas and inspiration.”
Tom Johnson
Alliance Video Productions

“You guys were the best!  I really enjoyed your session and gained quite a bit from it. You put a new twist on some old ideas and they were very helpful to me.  Your presentation was upbeat and engaging and very motivating!”
Keith Elliott
East Coast Video

“Thank you so much for the incredibly valuable information I learned in your seminar. I have to say that is probably the best one I’ve been to because of the great insight. When you’re just starting out, selling is extremely important and with your tips I think I am on the right track.”
Josh Gooden
Where to Get Engaged