What is ShootQ? Why is it a Godsend to videographers and filmmakers? Check out the video below then read on.

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ShootQ finally made available all of the resources that Life Stage Films already provides to you guys (sales/marketing email templates, questionnaires, contracts and workflows) as a BUNDLED package. You basically get 15% off each product/system by purchasing the bundled package. Basically those things are what make ShootQ the machine it’s intended to be.

Some of you use ShootQ and love it, some have it but don’t use it because you either don’t understand it or don’t have time to set it up. And some of you have never looked into it at all. This post has three purposes.

1. To show those of you that use it and have no clue what ShootQ is what exactly it can do for you. And how it’s basically an employee you pay for $30 a month.
2. To show you exactly HOW I use ShootQ by allowing you access to a video I made for my coaching clients to show them my backend to ShootQ.
3. To show and tell you what each product does and why you would want to invest money into it.

Instead of taking up lots of space, I think those of you that don’t know what ShootQ can do for you to watch this short tour of what it does for your business.

To sum it up, ShootQ:
1. Simplifies your sales leads.
2. Professionally presents your pricing online
3. Book and sign contracts online
4. Keeps you on task by having “workflows” for every wedding or corporate client
5. Charts your data. Keeps track of leads, bookings, incoming revenue, referrals, vendors you work with.
6. Invoices clients automatically. Yep. (integrates with authorize.net, paypal, quickbooks, etc)
7. Most importantly, keeps you on point throughout the entire SALES PROCESS. That’s where I come in.

I don’t get paid by ShootQ. However, I’ve been using them for 3 years, and they have been one of the reasons I’ve been successful throughout the past 3 years. They basically took the systems, contracts, emails, etc that I created, tweaked and sweat over for the past 3 years and made them available to every videographer in the world for dirt cheap. So, I do help sell my products. Why?? Because I know how long it took me to set up ShootQ and don’t wish that on anyone else. The bundled ShootQ resources (sales emails, email responses to almost every scenario, and ESPECIALLY the workflows I created) will not only save everyone time in the sales process, but setting them up yourself will take a week or two. Watch this backend video of my ACTUAL ShootQ account to see some things that make this $30 a month software worth it. It explains a lot, and thus is rather long (20 minutes).

View Matt’s Backend ShootQ System.

So here’s what you get in the bundled package and an example of each.

1. Email Templates. – You get access to all of my emails that we send to every client. Each email is automatically customized by ShootQ to insert clients name, date of wedding, etc in each email so every email can be as personal as you want, WITHOUT having to write the same email to every client, every-time. You get emails from the whole sales process (initial auto response all the way to emails for price objections and sending proposals. Beautiful thing is you can create emails for random scenarios (being booked already, technical questions you get asked alot, sending prices) and you just click a button and it’s sent, personalized, without any work from you. Here’s a few examples of email templates available

Email to send after being rejected over email

Hey [Client’s Name],

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m so sorry that you decided not to use us for your [10-11] wedding. I am a little confused. I had written down that one of the main reasons that you liked our weddings was that [you “cried every time you watched our samples, and that if you can cry watching random strangers, you would be hysterical reliving your own wedding day”.

You also said you felt comfortable with the price range. I am just concerned because if it’s not us that shoots your wedding that’s fine, believe me, I understand budgets. But have you been able to find someone else that can give you that same feeling when you watch their wedding video samples? You will have this video for the rest of your life, I just want to make sure you chose the one that gives you the right emotions, and you choose the one that you deserve. If it’s a matter of being a few hundred dollars out of the budget, you might want to consider how much your video will be worth to you in 20 years. We have payment options available, if price is really the only issue.

Regardless, I just don’t want you to make the mistake a lot of people make.

Please take a few minutes and watch THIS VIDEO before you leave. It may help you in your decision making process. If not, we have also provided a list of local and regional videographers that may fit within your budget.

Again, please take 1-2 minutes and watch this final simple video. We know you’ve never shopped for a videographer before, so we want to make sure we are doing our best to educate you on the options out there.

If we don’t hear from you again, we want to repeat how excited we are for you and honored you considered us to capture your precious wedding memories on film.

2. Questionnaires

I have questionnaires just like the rest of you might have. They are great for getting all the info needed before a wedding day. If you aren’t sending questionnaires, you might be missing out and wasting time. I not only use a pre-wedding questionnaire but also an “Initial Inquiry” questionnaire that allows me to pre-qualify my leads before I speak or meet with them. And these things are sent to them AUTOMATICALLY without me hitting a single button because of the workflow systems I have set up. Here’s a few questions from my initial inquiry questionnaire.

1. How did you specifically hear about us?
2. With 1 being low, 10 being high, where does having a wedding video place in terms of priority and value for your wedding?
3. Where is your ceremony? Reception?

3. Contracts

For some tips on what I put into my contracts check out my recent InFocus blog post on Must Have Clauses in Contracts But what’s great about ShootQ is that it creates a customized contract for each potential client based on which package they choose, personal information in addition to your contract. Got a contract? Great, put it in ShootQ and let it work without you. They fill it out online. You book weddings in your sleep.

4. Workflows

This is the backbone of ShootQ, and sadly the one thing most videographers don’t take time to set up. This is where the “virtual employee” sets in. For every job you book, a “workflow” that you have created ( Or I have :) ) sets in to keep you on track for certain milestones, tasks, etc. Emails are sent automatically when you reach a certain task if you like, invoices are sent automatically whenever you choose, ShootQ tells you everyday what tasks you need to get done for each wedding that day for you to keep your deadline. (ex. rough cut Miller wedding ceremony, organize and create AIFF files for the Smith wedding music, get photos from photographer and make DVD case, call the bride to make sure she doesn’t have any questions before we come next week). It’s basically a constant post it note reminder that always updates!

Watch the video if you haven’t to see more of how a workflow is the best thing since sliced bread.

I know this is a long post, but I wanted to share how awesome this news is. I know some of you do have small frustrations with ShootQ, but a group of us (DaveW, Steve Fowler, Patrick Moreau, Ryan Koral, Steve Moses, Michael Geddes, Travis Cossel) met with Adam the sales dude at ShootQ and we told him what they could do to improve it for VIDEOGRAPHERS. They listened, and will be updating ShootQ soon! :)

You can access all these resources either (separately or in a bundle for a discount) in the ShootQ “Marketplace” tab under your account. They just download into your system and you’ve got what I’ve got, a well oiled ShootQ machine. :) You won’t believe how detailed all the emails, questionnaires and workflows are. If you want to save yourself weeks of trial and error (took me 3 years) and get something that allows you more time to be creative, take a look at this stuff. You can of course, create your own, which is great. This is just a short cut. And one that is already proven to work. :) Let me know if you have any other questions. And those of you that do use ShootQ, chime in and let others know how you like it (or don’t like it). And of course, those of you that have already purchased some of these resources from me, let others know the skinny on them as well. Thanks friends, and cheers to running your business more efficiently!

Want 1-on-1 Coaching with setting up ShootQ for your video business?

Virtual/Online or In Studio Coaching Available
2 Full Days – $1,500

What’s Included:
Matt goes under your “ShootQ” hood and installs his:

  • Contracts for couples that automatically populate the important info so you don’t have to create new contracts every time
  • Complete Inquiry to DVD Delivery “Wedding Film Workflow”. Automatically updates and keeps track of your next goal/to do for each wedding.
  • Sales emails that are filled out automatically for every situation during the booking, shooting, and delivery process
  • Wedding Questionnaire. Matt sets it up so your clients automatically get notified before the wedding to fill this out

Also included is up to 2 full work days of 1-on-1 coaching via screen sharing or in person consultation in Wilmington, NC. Detailed training so that you walk away an expert at ShootQ and ShootQ can begin running your day to day business activities for you. (Confused about what ShootQ can do for your business? Watch the video tutorial above.)

Read what world-renown wedding filmmaker Chris P. Jones of Mason Jar Films had to say about his 1-on-1 ShootQ Training with Matt:

“Being the “editing workflow guy,” I am always looking for ways to save time and to automate my business.  One glaring weakness in which I was bleeding time was in maintaining client correspondence. While I had template e-mails for every step of booking a client, I had to fill out the relevant information manually for every client.

I knew that I needed to get plugged in to ShootQ to save myself at least an hour for every booked client and a handful of minutes per every inquiry.  So I gave the “Coach” a call, and he invited me to come to his studio for a two-day ShootQ intensive.

Matt showed me that ShootQ was going to optimize my business far beyond client correspondence.  He clearly explained how it would automate my payment reminders and auto-remind my employees where they should be every step of the way after we shoot a wedding.  Without having to manually remind clients and employees of the next steps, I can spend more time sharpening and growing my business.

Matt demonstrated the features of ShootQ with his account, then using his templates, we set up my account.  I customized them to fit my business on Day 1 and the morning of Day 2, and we ran various scenarios on the afternoon of Day 2.  With Matt patiently guiding me every step of the way, I saved at least 80 hours in the setup process.  In addition, I was able to keep from reinventing the wheel by adopting his workflow that has honed over the course of two years.  I estimate that I am reducing trial and error (and the subsequent frustration and embarassment) by 95%.

Matt also opened my eyes in using ShootQ  to continue to build my fan base, even with those who do not book me.  ShootQ is helping me create a workforce of marketers who love my brand, workers who were heretofore lost after they chose not to contract my services.   

In 2011 alone, I expect my coaching session with Matt to reap me at least 5 times the value I paid for his time, and I paid that handsome man handsomely!  This will give me a greater rate of return than any magazine ad or piece of gear that I could’ve purchased.  

If your business is about getting a good rate of return on your money by focusing your workers’ concentration, automating menial tasks, and building yourself a bigger fanbase, then I highly suggest you invest in a ShooQ session with Coach Davis.”