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**NOTE** This is for established videographers and business owners only. If you are just starting out in the last year or two, I suggest investing in our audio seminars on Sales/Marketing & Running a Business.

What is the “Coaching Club?

While our webinars have been a huge success and resource for videographers all over the world, there was a need to go deeper and have a way to be more serious about moving all of our businesses forward. Enter, the “Coaching Club”!

“Coaching Club” is a group of 15 business owners and videographers from all over the world. We come together once a month (over the phone or web based audio) for a roundtable discussion to help each other with our specific problems, share frustrations, and seek inspiration from others on a more intimate level. It goes deeper than email, facebook, or forums. By everyone contributing, we all raise our businesses to the next level based on everyone else’s knowledge shared of the industry and running a video business. The beauty of having a round table discussion of this magnitude is that even if you are only bringing one problem to the table, you will be able to hear 14 other conflicts, frustrations and roadblocks other business owners are having that you are sure to have eventually if you haven’t already. To top things off, we give each other accountability, something most business owners lack since they don’t have to answer to anyone. The combination of accountability with inspiration from others is a perfect recipe to take your business to the next level.

If you are frustrated, feeling burned out, and need fresh motivation to fall back in love with your business, join us at the “Coaching Club” table!


**By purchasing below, you are investing in 3 months of clubs up front, thus reserving your seat in the “Coaching Club”.

$57.00 per month.

Only 15 Spots Available. (6 months minimum commitment)

Call our studio at 910-632-9559 or email us if you have any questions. Take your business to the next level in 2010!

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